The world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton

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 Travel & Tourism,Construction,Entertainment Asia’s most popular entertainment destination, Macau opens Morpheus, a new flagship hotel for its City of Dreams integrated-entertainment resort… Located in Cotai, Macau, City of Dreams combines entertainment, diverse accommodation, regional and international dining with 20 restaurants and four hotels, shopping and a casino with 475 gaming tables to create an exceptional … Continue reading "The world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton"

 Travel & Tourism,Construction,Entertainment Asia’s most popular entertainment destination, Macau opens Morpheus, a new flagship hotel for its City of Dreams integrated-entertainment resort… Located in Cotai, Macau, City of Dreams combines entertainment, diverse accommodation, regional and international dining with 20 restaurants and four hotels, shopping and a casino with 475 gaming tables to create an exceptional entertainment experience for visitors from around the world. Informed by Zaha Hadid Architects’ (ZHA) signature fluid forms within China’s rich traditions of jade carving, the Morpheus’ design combines dramatic public spaces and generous guest rooms with innovative engineering and formal cohesion. Conceived as a vertical extrusion of its rectangular footprint, a series of voids is carved through its centre to create an urban window connecting the hotel’s interior communal spaces with the city and generating the sculptural forms that define the hotel’s public spaces. Linked at ground level with the surrounding three-storey podium of the City of Dreams resort, the Morpheus houses 770 guest rooms, suites and sky villas, and includes civic spaces, meeting and event facilities, gaming rooms, lobby atrium, restaurants, spa and rooftop pool, as well as extensive back-of-house areas and ancillary facilities. The design resolves the hotel’s many complex programmes within a single cohesive envelope.

ZHA was commissioned to build the hotel in 2012, when foundations were already in place of a condominium tower that did not progress. ZHA has designed the Morpheus as a simple extrusion of the existing abandoned foundations; using this rectangular footprint to define a 40-storey building of two internal vertical circulation cores connected at podium and roof levels, where the many guest amenities are required. This extrusion generates a monolithic block making best use of its development envelope that is restricted to a 160m height by local planning codes. This block is then ‘carved’ with voids. The underlying diagram of the hotel’s design is a pair of towers connected at ground and roof levels. The central atrium in-between these towers runs the height of the hotel and is traversed by external voids that connect the north and south facades. These voids create the urban window that links the hotel’s interior communal spaces with the city. Three horizontal vortices generate the voids through the building and define the hotel’s dramatic internal public spaces; creating unique corner suites with spectacular views of both the atrium and the city. This arrangement maximises the number of hotel rooms with external views and guarantees an equal room distribution on either side of the building. In-between the free-form voids that traverse the atrium, a series of bridges create unique spaces for the hotel’s restaurants, bars and guest lounges. The atrium's twelve glass elevators provide guests with remarkable views of the hotel’s interior and exterior as they travel between the voids of the building.

As one of the world's leading hotels, the building’s exoskeleton optimizes the interiors by creating spaces that are uninterrupted by supporting walls or columns. The world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton, its rich pattern of structural members at lower levels progresses upwards to a less dense grid of lighter members at its summit. Morpheus draws on a ZHA’s 40 years of research into the integration of interior and exterior, civic and private, solid and void, Cartesian and Einsteinian. Space is woven within structure to tie disparate programmes together and constantly make connections. Setting high environmental standards, long-life specifications are applied throughout the building to strictly limit requirements for maintenance and replacement. Besides using locally sourced fabrication to the highest international standards, the hotel’s intelligent building management system responds in real time to usage and environmental conditions to minimise energy consumption. check out the images on

Choose A Quality Area Rug Using A Sampling Program

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Will so many manufacturers, construction techniques, styles, patterns, colors and price points it's no wonder choosing the perfect area rug can be extremely difficult. Part of the best practice for this adventure is utilizing an extremely affordable sample program in conjunction with your experienced interior designer who has access to design trade programs with quality area rug manufacturers. Here are three simple steps for how to chose a quality area rug: Step-1 Design Consultation: Work closely with your professional interior designer by asking them to educate you on how-to buy a quality hand crafted or hand woven carpet. Your designer will help define your style, understand your budgeting priorities and ultimately guide you toward the rug with the color, pattern, texture, scale and construction quality that are perfect for both your room and your budget.

Keep in mind that the interior design industry has evolved to offer many online interior design options for affordable consultation and purchasing services. Step-2 Order Samples: When you think we have found the area rug of your dreams your interior designer can order a small sample and have your beautiful little hand crafted or hand woven item shipped directly to your home. Step-3 Live With It For Awhile: Most design industry sample programs allow you up to 90 days to try before you buy. Experience the durable hand-made quality as you compare the rug sample during different light at different times of the day. See how it holds up to kids, dogs and foot traffic. Feel free to put some sample paint splotches on the wall or order some flooring or fabric samples in order to compare your rug to new colors and textures you are thinking about for your updated interior design.

The sample program you choose should ensure that both returns and exchanges are easy. Our favorite area rug sample programs offer a full refund within 90 days. It must be in in resaleable condition. You just pay return shipping, which is quite affordable. If you love it, and chances are you will, exchange it for the full size area rug of your dreams. The best area rug sample program credit the cost of the sample 100% toward your purchase of the new area rug.

Facts And Tips on Window Replacement

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Window replacement is done for various reasons, but old age is a striking reason particularly with wooden frames. Weather characteristics in some regions are tough on some building materials particularly wood. In fact, wood absorbs lots of moisture and that is the reason why it cannot last long.Therefore, using new windowpanes can drastically change the visual aspect of a house. Substituting with a standard window not only enhances decorative appeal, but it also produces the illusion of some extra space. There are tips one can follow during the process of replacing a window such as:Your Own Choice of WindowWhen carrying out window replacement, the choice of the window is made easier when one first determines the reason for replacing it. Whether for visual aspect or for a particular aim, it is necessary to look at the available alternatives cautiously and the gains of each.

Make a comparison of types available and replacement costs. Weigh the costs with gains that conform to particular desires before making a choice.You Should Check for FunctionalityA window with good quality will eradicate the need for storm sash. The best choices of windowpanes are those that tilt in. This makes cleaning easy.You Should Use Multiple PanesYou should triple or double paned windows offer more energy saving. You should know that many older houses were constructed with small sized windows for heat saving. On the other hand, current models have more window placement positions. As a result, this can bring in more light into the interior of your home.With fuel prices skyrocketing, homeowners are starting to consider their windowpanes as energy saving means and are looking for ways to minimize their heating system bills. So you should take this in careful consideration.

You Should Go for an Exact FitWindows cannot be efficient on saving energy if not properly fit and insulated. Once installation is done, it is necessary to fill crevices left with insulation material.Ask for AssistanceTo avert any major tragedies while carrying out window replacement, it is necessary to consult an expert. Window repair or replacement experts can do things faster, safer and more securely. So, if repairing or replacing your window is not your cup of tea, better leave this task to the one who knows how to do it right. So these are the things that you should remember when replacing your window. I hope this article was able to help you in many ways.